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Sunday, October 1, 2017



Dear Grand members,

First of all, thank you so much for all of your love and support. We know the fact that you are not yet familiar with our new design and its features , but rest assured that given some time to adjust , everything will make much more sense in the next few days. Once our community starts to see the true potential of our new program, we strongly believe that you will also be convinced of the stability and profitability that our new Grandbux will deliver. As a matter of fact, we are so happy that few of our members are already enjoying the benefits of their levels on their first day. We have seen some members who made above $100 cashout in the first several hours, which is great. There are of course couple of glitches and modifications which we are still working on, but rest assured that we are not wasting any seconds to make sure you get to start using our site flawlessly as soon as possible.

Few Important Notes:

Grandbux is now an interactive advertisement exchange platform with a generous reward program that offers up to %50 affiliate commission on all the ad sales your referrals make , while in your downline. What makes our reward program unique and attractive is how the new reward program works. Please read more below about the details.

Adjustment PeriodEvery little detail you are seeing on New Grandbux right now have been carefully thought by our dedicated team for the purpose of providing you incredible service that no other similar programs have achieved before. Of course there will be some time to adjust but please have your faith in us and in yourself. Your first reaction will absolutely be different than your thoughts in the next few weeks, especially after seeing how things are improving for the new Grandbux. We have opened up a new door to many possibilities now. It will be completely worth it. You know us and what kind of people we are. We only hope that you can always remember you are part of our grand community and our family and like always we are on our way to a better tomorrow together.

Even though we are doing our very best to deliver a perfect service, because there are hundreds of new codes and algorithmic calculations , there are easy to over see few things. We apologize for any human error that you may see in the next few days but please expect glitches and bugs on the design and features.

We have started out a new cash balance with $0 for all members so that we can deliver new earnings without any max. cashout limit, ROI restriction, SPS limit. Please kindly consider how fast and limitless you will potentially be using our new payment system , because majority of the members purchasing ad services to increase their levels, using their sufficient ad balances.

Earn Money
You can only earn money when your own referral purchases our ad services ( survey ads, and soon other type of ads such as grid, banner, micro jobs) , based on your level. We will introduce more ways to earn in the near future. Due to the policies of the companies we work with , and for the stability of our services in the future , we have introduced a new reward program which offers up to %50 from the advertisement purchases of your referrals in your downline.

New Grandbux in 3 steps
1. Collect as much XP as possible to reach the Level 50 , while surfing the websites you are interested in and answering the super quick surveys .
2. Refer as many referrals as you can possibly reach.
3. Enjoy free advertisements using your ad exchange credits, and benefit generous affiliate earnings
with limitless payouts as part of our reward program.

Level CostAll levels are free and will always be free of charge. All the benefits you can get from our reward program will be there for you . This means, you will not have to pay a monthly or annual fee to maintain your level benefits. You can simply participate in surveys and keep your level forever without paying a single dollar.

Survey Ad CostWe have started out the cost of survey ad exposures with 1000 view for only $0.50 as a promotion. The price of ad costs will increase as the active viewers increase.

We are expecting our members to come back and more members to register after learning about our new program. All of our new referrals have expiration date , based on their type. You will be eligible to earn up to %50 commission on the referrals you invite via your referrals during their first 30 days of registration. Alternatively you can collect referrals onsite and be eligible to earn from their ad sales during the first 7 days of being assigned to you.

We will soon be adding further explanations to guide you through our new tools and services.

We wish you happy earnings with Grandbux!


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