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Sunday, October 1, 2017


What is new Grandbux? 
Grandbux is now an improved free ad exchange platform , which offers %100 organic traffic at a competitive price. Our main objective is to create a long lasting network all over the internet and create a new smart banner /survey type ads to appear on blogs, vlogs, youtube, facebook , and other social media websites. This way , when you or your referrals buy an advertisement view on our website, it will appear on our website as well as on thousands of other websites. 

Is Investment Required? 
No. There is never a requirement for investment. We offer choices to our members. You can either work on your own , create your own survey ads for free by spending your own time or alternatively and quickly buy ad services and receive XP . Your skills as the advertiser , partner of the reward program, will determine how fast you can reach to the top Level. 

Why do I want to reach Level 50?
As partner, you get %50 of all ad sales from your referrals during the first 30 days of their registration. 
As advertiser, you get 2.25 ad exchange credit , which allows you to advertise more than 2 times of your own spent time. 

How can I earn money on Reward Program?
Our products are advertising credits ; therefore you make commission on all the ad sales from your own referrals ( who are interested in our products as potential advertisers) during 30 days of their registration. If your referral is not interested in buying ad services, and prefers to join the reward program and reach Level 50 without investment , you get XP for each time he completes survey. If he does not wish to spend his time and directly advertise for as low as $0.50 , then you earn money as commission ( based on your level) for helping us make that sale. 

I did not make money yet. Why? 
We just launched the new version few days ago and thousands of our members still do not know how to create a survey ad , or how the new program works. This will take some time for our community to understand , and participate in the new program. 

What should I do?
Help our community understand how it works. Help spread the new Grandbux to everyone you can reach. Work on your account to reach the top level. When you make the ad sale, you will wish that you were on higher level. 

Is it hard to make earnings as partner on new Grandbux? 
Once the new Grandbux is ready , No! . Our job is to make our products (advertising credits) worth its affordable price . We will also teach you to get the most of our new Grandbux. We will work on improving the quality that can deliver to the advertisers, other affiliates. Your job will be easier to convince potential advertisers to buy our ad services. 

Stronger Product = Easier to sell = Quicker to make commission for partners. 

Does new Grandbux have future? 
Our success as before was not a coincidence , it was the result of our hardworking team, creative ideas, mutually beneficial services , and right now new Grandbux is the result of 4 years experience in the advertising field. So yes, Grandbux will have a brighter future than ever before. Everyone who stays with us will see that happen. Most of all, you as part of the Grandbux family , will determine how fast we can achieve our new dreams. It is in our power to make the Grandbux , as the primary choice for advertising to the whole world!

This is one and only approved affiliate marketing method that a website can offer to their partners.

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