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Monday, February 1, 2016

Grandbux Superior+ Guide



Dear fellow Superior+ members,

I would like to let you know what i have come to find useful over my experience with Grandbux. First of all , you have made a great step by upgrading to superior+, especially during this time of the year with $600 deposit bonus promotion and free Superior+ pack promotion, it is certainly the best choice you have made ; however if you are not sure how to manage your account now or after collecting over 2000 members, my tips will definitely help you get your account earnings as stable as possible. I have been on the Grandbux since almost the beginning and I have had the best time of my online life. Every minute i spend here was surely worth it and it is time for me to share my exp with possibly the new superior members.

First of all, More referrals you have , better account management you need. When you go over 2000 Referrals, unfortunately it is not as easy as clicking 4 ads a day . Here is what i do to make sure to maintain my AVG over 10-12 . Of course every 2 months, i go below 9.50 but after letting the inactive ones expire and renting new ones with 300 RR pack, i will get to manage my account quite well. I usually earn around $50-$60 each day via few basic but great rules.

1. ALWAYS click your ads at the reset of server time (00:01 AM-02:00 AM)

2. DO not over recycle , because recycling filter is not as good as Superior+ filter. 

3. Pick the referrals that give you good AVG ( those are possibly the ones that recently upgraded and have an access to more ads ) and extend them for 180 to 240 days to save money.

4. If you are superior+ , you should also work on a blog or other ptc sites (possibly banner advertisements because they are cheapest ways to advertise and collect Direct referrals each day. Grandbux is getting more popular and being trusted by more people so you can easily make $40 bucks a day by 2 DR upgrade. Make sure to present Grandbux with its current promotions as well, then people might go straight into upgrade page to start building their income. 

5. Let the inactive ones (who click less than 10 ads in 4 days or dont click at all) expire and buy new rental referrals in larger packs.The reason why most of your old referrals stop clicking is that those who cannot afford to upgrade doesnt make as much profit as upgraded members and they might just lose their motivation. It is always great help for you to inspire them in the forum. One of them might be your referral as well. If you get him to be active, then you can get hundreds of them to be active. Eventually you will have a super results. 

6. Do not freak out when your stats go down from time to time because it is just how it works for even the best PTC site. Always be patient and come with solution. You still have the remaining your superior+ membership probably for another 9 months, and you can rent free up to 1000 referrals. You will surely make profit by the time your membership expires. The question is how much profit you are going to make! ;)

Good Luck!

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