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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Grandbux Smart Payment System

Posted by Grandbux Administration in Grandbux Forum:

Together we have achieved so many great accomplishments in the last 2 years. Grandbux has become the beacon of hope for thousands of members in the worldwide. Before we launched our site, we knew you all would support an honest and profitable site once we made it, but we could have never guessed your love and support would make us one of the top sites in such a short time period.

We wish to NEVER let you or your trust down; therefore, for the last several months, we have been working day and night to find a program that maintains our stability for the next 10 years to come. We don't like taking any risks that would jeopardize the future of our site in any way, and we wanted to find an ultimate solution that could stabilize our payment system once and for all. And now with our new payment system, you can rest assured Grandbux will remain as one of the leading sites with same profitability in the future.

We finally developed a steady system that protects the financial perks we offered for our members:

Smart Payment System:
With the S.P.S ( Smart Payment System), our site will be designed to pay max. the %90 of previous day's total income to our members instantly every single day. %5 of daily income will go to Paypal merchant fees + taxes, and the rest %5 of the daily income will always be kept for the future of our company, so this way we will make our site solid against any instability occurrence even when our members reach millions.

Furthermore, none of our members will be left unpaid even after 5 or 10 years from now on. No member will face any issues receiving their payment. Everyone will always be paid INSTANTLY more or less depending on the previous day's total income. As you all know, unlike what happens on many "well known" ptc sites, majority of our active upgraded members start making pure profit within 6 -10 months of their investment. This is the POWER of Grandbux and we want to make sure that our members keep on making significant amount of pure profit for many years as well.

How Smart Payment System works?
+ Every single day, all members' total cash-out request will be estimated before 24 hours. Our new payment system will calculate the yesterday's total income and %90 of that amount will be determined as the next day's cash-out limit. Each member will be able to cash-out the amount set by S.P.S on that day.

+ S.P.S will allow you to withdraw even more than the max. cash-out limit of your current membership depending on daily income of our site.

Scenario 1:
Lets assume yesterday we received $10.000, and our Smart Payment System estimated that we are going to pay $12.000 to our members in the next 24 hours. %90 of $10.000 (daily income) will become the tomorrow's daily cash-out limit. If tomorrow's total cash-out amount is higher than yesterday's total daily income then the S.P.S will automatically calculate the cash-out ratio as %75 of members' max. cash-out limit .For instance, a superior+ member will cash-out $168 instead of $224 on that day. The rest of his money will be saved for the next withdrawal date with the same system.

Scenario 2:
Next time, lets assume we received $20.000 yesterday, and today our S.P.S estimated that members in the next 24 hours will only request to withdrawal $12.000. This time S.P.S will allow all of our members to cash-out %90 of $20.000 (up to $18.000) so members will be able to cash-out up to %150 of their max. cash-out limit. For instance a superior+ member will be able to cash-out $336 ( %150 of max. cash-out limit) instead of $224.

This way, Grandbux members will have the power to maximize their own earning opportunities together. More the site is promoted, more the members will cash-out. Through our Smart Payment System, we believe our Grand community will be motivated to promote our site on their blogs as well as on other sites. Once this program is adapted by our beloved members, the future of Grandbux will shine like never before. New members will always be able to join without any concern so that you will proudly be able to refer our site to your friends or affiliates.

We believe our integrity in this matter will be seen and supported by you. You deserve a stable and profitable PTC site that will never fail you, which is why Grandbux will always be the right place for you!

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