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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Grandbux ROI and Cashout

You can only cash-out until you reach Max. ROI payout limit. Once reached, one of three things you can do :

1. You can upgrade to higher membership to increase your ROI cash-out limit. ( No further investment required)

2. You can invest more to lower your current ROI. Because each investment will lower your current ROI and give you ability to earn more and cash-out more.

3. You can alternatively save up all of your earnings until the expiration date of your membership and start cashing out without any ROI cash-out limit, because standard membership holders who cannot invest does not have any ROI cash-out limit.

ROI determined based on the total investment you make via PayPal. If you invest more, your current ROI will decrease, which will open new space for you to earn until your ROI cash-out limit is reached again. Alternatively, you can upgrade to higher membership to increase your ROI max. cash-out limit. This way, we wish to increase the number of referrals who achieve higher ROI until the expiration of their membership. All of our members, regardless of their membership, will have the confidence to make certain amount of profit on our site with stability. In order for our members to earn more equally than before, max. ROI cash-out limits are introduced.

For example:
Member invested $100, and chose Golden membership , this member can cash-out until his earnings (not cash-out amount) reach $500 (%500 ROI)

In that case, the member can invest another $100 (In total $200) to be able to cash-out until his earnings reach ( %500) $1000 this time.
the member can continue earning on our site, and have enough funds to upgrade to higher membership to increase ROI cash-out limit. (No further investment is required)

Both options will allow him to make more profit without damaging the stability of our site.
Unlike many sites, almost %95 of our active upgraded members start making pure profit within 10 months of investment, therefore we need to take certain measures to protect our site and the equal chance of our members' ability to make profit. Because, their success is the best reference for Grandbux to grow!

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