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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Grandbux Rent Referrals

Posted by GoodGuyPTC in Grandbux Forum: 

I just wanted to share my understanding of what avg you can expect from your rental referrals and why: I think there are still some members who haven't quite understood why rental referrals are mostly clicking a lot of fixed ads 0.001$. Mainly, Its because standard ads are not guaranteed for non upgraded members so basically not all of the non upgraded members can see standard ads 0.01$ either because their country or their membership is not selected by the advertiser, but i think this issue will be resolved shortly because of really affordable membership prices Grandbux is offering now. A lot of members are upgrading their accounts to silver for $49 or golden for $79 and once more of our rentals upgrade they will be able to click standard ads and our earnings will suddenly increase dramatically. That's what i am hoping for. I actually don't mind as it is now, although most of my rental referrals click only 0.001 ads, I am getting a great avg around 13.50. It s quite profitable for me, definitely more than i ever earned on other sites.

I am sure many of my Grandbux friends keep asking the question why their rental referrals click mostly fixed ads and not the standard ads.

Why Advertisers don't select non-upgraded members as targeted audience for their advertisements? 
+ Credits required for Standard advertisements is more expensive than the cost of Fixed advertisements, therefore they only want to use their credits to the members who can afford their products. Best way to filter those people is to choose upgraded members as their audience. it is the general assumption that if a member doesn't even spend $5 for flash clicker program , he/she is less likely to purchase any products online, so why would use expensive credits to members who wouldn't wanna purchase the niches/online products. I know this because I invested a lot of money on this site and I am also advertising my niches on Grandbux and usually i set the daily credit limit to 2000 for non upgraded members and the rest of my credit limits to upgraded members who i get affiliate commission off their purchase. Hopefully this information will enlighten you a little bit.

******** Rental Referral Price Chart ******** 
Rental Referral Prices 
0 -> 99 , 0.15
100 -> 199, 0.17
200 -> 299 , 0.19
300 -> 599 , 0.21
600 -> 899 , 0.23
900 -> 1199 , 0.25
1200 or more , 0.28

Note : Superior membership have 0.01 discount on all rental referral fees.

Autopay Prices: %10 Discount when enabled
0 -> 99 , 0.0045
100 -> 199 , 0.0051
200 -> 299 , 0.0057
300 -> 599 , 0.0063
600 -> 899 , 0.0069
900 -> 1200 , 0.0075
1200 or more , 0.0084

Note: Recycle prices can be found on the Upgrade page

******** How to receive referral click commissions without problem? ******** 

I also have come to understand that many of my friends misunderstand the requirements for referral click. Because of this, they think their RR are not active but the truth is that they are not being credited because of not clicking 4 ads at the right time. Due to the fact that members can click any 4 ads to be eligible for click commissions, all you need to do is to click any 4 ads (of course aim for the standard ones if found) but more importantly is the time you click your ads. You can only click your ads each 24 hours and you need to do so everyday or you will lose the pattern and miss out the next day's commissions even if your rental referrals clicks actively. If you don't click 4 ads at the right time, the clicks of your RR will not be credited to your account on the following day.

1. Decide what your free time is in your daily life.
2. Click at least 4 ads at that time everyday.

Note: I personally click my ads precisely at the reset time of advertisements and have no trouble with my RR clicks.

******** How does Auto-pay work? ******** 

Autopay only works when you have enough money in your purchase balance. I wish all of you happy earnings!
(Thanks to GoodGuyPTC for the post)

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