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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Grandbux Features

Traveling Money: A FREE $30 will randomly travel around the members' purchase or account balance until one of them realizes and spends it. Money will randomly come into the member's account and stay only 60 seconds, after that, if you weren't online or didn't spend it in 60 seconds, money will skip to the next member.

Flash Clicker: It is an exclusive feature for standard membership holders, where they will have the opportunity to make an income even without any referrals through directly their own clicks. Now all standard membership holders will get full access to all of the available Flash advertisements for only $14.99/3 months. It will be just perfect for those who would love making their profits by simply viewing hundreds of advertisements ($0.001- 1 second) everyday and also for those who wish to compete in the point contest.

AutoProfit: This feature helps the members get to have an opportunity to build up their accounts in a faster and more profitable way. Members who would like to receive more value on their earnings will benefit this feature greatly. It is a system that automatically transfers the current account balance into the purchase balance with extra 20% bonus on the AutoProfit day (Server reset time). Members have the option to enable or disable this feature via their account dashboard.
Example: If a member has $10 in his account balance and the AutoProfit is enabled, his/her $10 will be transferred to the purchase balance as $12, which will lead the member afford more products on Grandbux and eventually receive better results as an outcome. If the member disables his/her AutoProfit, his/her account balance will remain untouched.

Smart Payment System: With the Smart Payment System (SPS), Grandbux will be designed to pay max. the 90% of their previous day's total income to the members instantly every single day. 5% of the daily income will go to PayPal merchant fees + taxes, and the remaining 5% will always be kept for the future of Grandbux. So this way Grandbux makes sure that site will be solid against any instability occurrence. The Smart Payment System works as follows: Every single day, all members' total cashout request will be estimated before 24 hours. SPS will calculate the previous day's total income and 90% of that amount will be determined as the next day's cashout limit. Each member will be able to cashout the amount set by SPS on that day. SPS will allow a member to withdraw even more than the maximum cashout limit of their current membership depending on daily income of the site.

Shield Security: Grandbux has an advanced multi-level security module. Hackers wont be able to cashout the earnings of members even if they hack into their accounts. Grandbux even has a verification process to minimize the risk of fraudulent activities.

Free Rental Referrals: Free rental referrals are available to upgraded members. Different aspects such as maximum number of free referrals available, size of free pack and time frame to rent free referrals vary depending on the type of membership.

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