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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Grandbux Contest

Daily Point Contest (HOT): Best participants with the highest points will have the incredible opportunity to receive $1000 bonus as the Daily Pont Contest (DPC) Reward each day until January 1st 2016 (00:00 Server Time).
How to collect points:
  • Points per ptc click: 1
  • Points per completed micro job: 2
  • Points per grid click: 1
  • Points per direct referral: 3
  • Points per dollar deposited: 10
  • Points per upgrade: 10.000 points for Superior+ upgrade, 5.000 points for Ultimate+ upgrade.
My Post Contest: Inspire other members with your Success Story / Stats / Payment Proof, and win $100 reward when your post receives the best attraction along with high number of views/replies. Members can advertise their post via their blog, social media sites as well as other PTC sites, however high number of views/replies does not guarantee the members' winning. Winner will be selected based on the number of views and replies received and the reward will be assigned to the purchase balance. (If the post of a member has min. 750 characters in the categories ( Success Story / Stats / Payment Proof), an extra 100 points will be automatically given.)

Manage your RR Average Contest: As an encouragement to boost the earnings, a wide range of free gifts will be given to those members who successfully manage their accounts with high AVG of 9 or more. To participate in this contest, members must regularly update their stats in the forum and need to hold the AVG of 9 or more. There is no daily limit on the prizes. Grandbux will constantly monitor members' stats in the forum, and if you manage to improve your AVG to 9 or more, you can instantly win free gifts. Free gifts include Rental Referrals, Extra Bonus in Purchase Balance, Direct Referrals, Bonus points, and many more...

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