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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Grandbux Common Mistakes

Posted by GoodGuyPTC in Grandbux Forum:

Common Mistakes:
1. Extending all of the rental referrals for 240 days! Make sure if that rental referral clicks steadily everyday. If the member clicks around 10-15 a day without skipping a day, he is probably a good rental referral to be considered for extension. Basically do not select all and extend for 240 days.

2. Rushing: Just because you have money in your purchase balance, doesn't mean that you should rent 300 RR each 3 days. There are more and more upgraded members everyday but only limited number of dedicated members( rental referrals) for you to rent. Although your rental referral filter gives you priority over the most active ones, you might end up receiving less active ones if you constantly rent large packs every time.

3. Recycling only few ones and expecting a big change. Do not hesitate to recycle if the rental referral has more than 25 days remaining and going inactive for more than 3 days, because there is a high chance he will not produce you stable AVG considering his lifestyle. You need to recycle all the inactive ones that fit this description.

4. Keeping the inactive referrals: Sometimes recycling is just bad and and you might end up with standard filtered bad quality referrals. Instead, you can delete the inactive ones that have less than 10 days and open a space for potentially active ones. Although it might seem like you will lose that referral's remaining time, it will help you focus on the most active rental referrals that will give you higher AVG. Always Remember! More referrals you have, better management you will need, so delete the inactive ones and rent new ones ( possibly small packs) to be able to manage your account easily and this way, you will have a better shot at collecting the active and dedicated referrals.

5. Focusing on rental referrals only. One of the greatest way to earn great income is to make significant amount of commission over direct referral upgrade. Grandbux is trusted and it has a quite successful references. Use this as a reference and advertise Grandbux on your blog or on other sites to collect DR, once they start to upgrade, you will collect instant upgrade commissions, which is very sweet ! So use the best of your membership. Improve your skills and make a stable income for yourself. There are many members here who earn more than 8- 10K in a year. I don't about you but frankly there is not much place you can achieve this much of success.

6. Investing without studying: Invest only on the sites that you trust completely. Compare with other sites, and their payouts. Don't believe in what few people say in the forum. Look at the majority. If they couldn't earn money from their referrals, payment proofs would have been empty, right ? If you check other sites, you will see that Grandbux is actually paying quite better than the most! So spend your time and efforts on the site that is worth your time.

7. Renting while on standard membership. Do not rent referrals while you are a standard member, Upgrading is so much profitable even if you choose Silver membership.

8. Not checking the promotions before investing: Beware of promotions! Do not invest only $99, instead deposit $100 so that you can earn $10 extra bonus or do not upgrade superior+ membership for $799, instead take the $500 bonus promotion with $1000 deposit. It is only $201 more but you will be eligible for $500 bonus and possibly if you win the daily point contest, you can request extra $250 or 300 RR.

9. Not reading the forum enough: READ a lot of forum posts before posting one. If you are making good income, share this with others. Do not only visit forum when there is something to complaint about. Demoralizing the new members with your complaint posts will poorly affect your income, because if Grandbux loses a potential member, you will lose a potentially active referral. Do not try to provocate others. Just because you and few other members have the same issue, doesn't mean you should start a riot against the Grandbux. Grandbux staff is extremely helpful and they are committed to resolve issues as soon as possible. Just send them a ticket and wait for a solution.

10. Inconsiderate actions in the forum. Keep the community network Strong! Be Friendly! Helping others selflessly will make Grandbux look stronger and therefore it will be easier for you to collect direct referrals when you advertise on other sites, it will also speed up the process of your direct referral to buy a membership and produce you a good profit!
I wish you the best of luck and happy earnings!

 (Thanks to GoodGuyPTC for the post)

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