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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Grandbux AVG Rules

15 Rules for High Average

Posted by GoodGuyPTC in Grandbux Forum:

1. Click at least 4 ads between 00:01 AM - 03:00 AM by server time everyday.

2. Manage your rental referrals at first, and then rent more. Do not rush renting more and more without having the control over them. Remember you are going to need to stabilize your earnings, you would not want your earnings to go upside down.

3. (Suggestion) Do not rent referrals while you are holding a standard membership, you will only earn %50 from your referral clicks, where as upgraded members even the silver members receive %100 from their referral clicks. If you cannot afford an upgrade, go with Flash Clicker program for a guaranteed profit.

4. Do not over use of recycling, rent new referrals instead! Because if you are an upgraded member, your rental referral quality will be better than recycling filter ( same for all type of memberships).

5. If you are holding over 1250 Rental referrals and you have inactive rental referrals, delete the inactive ones to optimize your AVG and have more space for potentially more active referrals.

6. If you do not own a blog, start one today (,, and refer new members and earn up to $20 per DR upgrade.If you dont know how to create an attractive blog, find someone who can do this for you on

7. Always be active in the forum, interact with others, motivate new members. Remember, new members are the foundation of your RR AVG. If they are more motivated, you will have a higher chance of making better profit.

8. If you are thinking long term income, keep the Autoprofit on and benefit %20 extra bonus , which will help you have more value on your earnings so that you can improve your earnings.

9. If you do not have time to manage your rental referrals individually, Enable the Autopay on! This will save you more money in the long run.

10. If you have sufficient funds, extend all of your rental referrals for 240 days with the best discount and if any of them goes inactive, recycle them responsibly.

11. Recycle only a member ( rental referral) that is gone inactive for more than 4 days.

12. Take advantage of promotions, right now, there are plenty good promotions available.

13. If you are planning to make an income here, spend your at least 1 hour a day on the site, because clicking for ads for few minutes and leaving will not bring you perfect results. You will need to learn how to manage your account.

14. Once in a while, try to win the daily point contest to get extra deposit bonus or extra rental referrals, which will help you achieve your goals faster. Share your success story, promote your post on other sites, and have the chance to earn $100 reward.

15. Most importantly, always be patient, friendly and develop your account gradually!
I wish you the best of luck and happy earnings!

(Thanks to GoodGuyPTC for the post)

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