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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Why Grandbux will never fail/scam?


I guess many of you are wondering why I trust this site so much and why i invested a lot of money here unlike other sites , or is this site going to fail as well? Here you go! 

Why do PTC sites fail/go scam?

Legal Eligibility:
1. One of the main reasons why many ptc sites go scam or fail is because they are not in fact holding legal rights to operate a business , which is why sooner or later they got blocked by Paypal and it cause them not to be able to pay their members. 

Grandbux obtains fully licensed business company (Grandteam LLC) in California with high credibility and all of its features were officially approved by Paypal last year. Grandteam has also another advantage because of the fact that both Grandteam LLC and Paypal LLC were governed by the same United States Regulations.

2. Everyone who thought starting a ptc business easy has come to conclusion that this job needs more dedication and professionalism than most of the other jobs. Their attitude under hardship cause the admins to make bad choices and bad crisis management lead to lose the trust of members and eventually members stop investing and admins go penniless and stop paying its members. Finally they fail because of that.

if one thing I saw at the beginning of Grandbux is that how professional they worked while facing many restrictions caused by either hackers, Paypal limits etc. They work almost 24/7 with such an awesome support team and they take their job very seriously. This is why thousands of people put their faith in them including me who invested over $5K in the last 17 months. Because I have never seen any PTC site that work as hard and professional as Grandbux owners do. 


3. Many ptc owners want to take out the competition so they offer more than they are supposed to and do not plan ahead of their time, which eventually cause them to fail paying their members,

Grandbux will never have problem paying their members because as many times stated by the founder, %90 of daily income is distributed back to their members on everyday , %5 of the daily income is paid to Paypal merchant fees and %5 of daily income is saved for the stability of the site, which is why Grandbux is designed to pay always less than they earn, which makes the site incredibly stable in terms of making payments instantly. This is why Grandbux will be able to pay their members with stability just like Clixsense and Neobux for many years to come. Although they do not express this publicly , they have similar stability programs.


4. Many ptc sites do not even care about the security of their members, most importantly they focus on how much they can earn, but in fact , if you want to make profit, you need to care about how members think and how they can trust you.

Grandbux started the perfect system that no other ptc sites had done before. Shield program. With this advanced security , hackers are not able to cashout the earnings of members even they hack into their accounts because they cannot change your Paypal ID without answering secret questions that were filled only one time by the account holder during the registration and If somehow they manage to get your answers, another security wall hits them, once they change your Paypal ID with their own, the site requires another verification, and voila the hacker hit the wall and your earnings are saved. Grandbux is really strict about this but they must be because that is what you need to do if you want to operate with such liability.


5. Many sites would not have courage to ask verification documents because they know that they cannot be fully trusted. Anywhere there is a money involved , you have to bring your ID , why? because if they do not ask your id ,it may be open to countless fraud activities. Can you open a bank account without ID? or can you start working at a company without an ID? 

Grandbux has minimized the risk of multiple account violation by taking verification documents , because thats how you stop cheaters entirely. Many sites do not and they are losing money to hackers or cheaters , which cause them to have reduced capitals. You may not have a bad intention, but believe many members do.. Some people find this suspicious but even providing a library card or student id are good for verification, what could anyone do with your library card? and you can also cross off anything on your document except your name. The most important thing that they care is whether your name matches your name on your grandbux account. If you want to operate a ptc site avoiding many problems with long terms commitments , it is perfectly normal to ask verification documents( in my opinion)


I guess this is the most easy one, because we all know Grandbux is the king of exciting innovations and which is why they always have something for everyone from the person who have $5 to $5000 in their pocket. This kind of successful reach to members leads to spread worldwide.


Grandbux is also now among the top 6000 websites in the world based on the statistics set by Google/Alexa. This shows that the traffic of Grandbux is growing each day by day and the people's trust spread all over the world. Also , it has been ranked among the Top 3 PTC sites in the world according to EMS. Grandbux's reputation is clearly impressive.


In light of all these features and my 3 years experience in the ptc industry, I can safely say that i will be seeing Grandbux for many more years. Also statistically speaking , if a ptc site is more than 1.5 years old, it is highly likely to continue for more than several years. Most ptc sites fail in 1 year. Grandbux had proved in so many ways that we are going to see them in our future.
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