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Sunday, December 20, 2015


Site Info

Domain name
Web based in       Frankfurt,  Germany
Registered On      January 05, 2015
Expires On           January 05, 2025
Admin (Org) LLC
Company based in Cheyenne, US
Phone:                 +1.3072759857
Suggest               Highly Recommended

Useclix is a registered PTC Site in the United States. LCC is the name of the company
LCC stands for “Limited Liability Company.

Member Benefits
Daily Ads Available 21
Avg Daily Earning $0.057(standard without refs)
Minimum Payout: $4 for all membership
Payment Processors  Paypal Payza Neteller
Payment Delivery: Instant or Within 1 Business Day

Earn Option
Offers SuperRewards Matomy Wannads Wannads Surveys Woobi OfferToro AdscendMedi

UseGrid - click anywhere on the picture and win up to $5! Click on the picture and watch our sponsor's advertisement for 5 seconds. After advertisement will be validated you will know if you are the winner or not. As a Standard member you have 20 chances per day. Your chances resets daily at 00:00 of a server time. Current server time is: 11:30 AM

Site Review
UseClix is a USA Registered Company PTC site where you can earn instant commissions from guaranteed daily ads and a variety of ways.  The site currently is paying, payment proofs can be found on their site. planned for serious business and for long time (2025). As a big group company connected with and many other websites. is growing fast and popular in the PTC world, Avarage Daily visitors: 53 657

Till this day there is no serious issues/complaints on internet. Despite looks stable and a promising site but we never recommend to invest in a new site (soon after you joined)  and for a standard membership don't rent many referrals (for any PTC site), getting more information and direct referrals are the best way to earn money online through a PTC site.


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