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Thursday, December 17, 2015


Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program 

TRAFFIC MONSOON  is an online opportunity I would recommend to any online Business Opportunist, at least considering the fact that you can make it even as a FREE MEMBER!
This opportunity has attracted over 600,000 members since its inception 8 months again and has remained on fire with all the self-sustaining paraphernalia.
It’s legally registered in UK, and has the approval of PayPal as one of its payment processors from onset.
Well, I had to join him, and even made more discoveries…..aside from profit shares. I think I should outline them:
1. There is a 110% profit sharing for every credit pack of $50 and one can buy as much as 25 packs.
2. There is an hourly return or profit sharing, culminating to as high as $1/pack/day
3.There is a 1000 advertising credit for every pack purchased.
4.No Referring Required. You can earn Big money without referring, sponsoring or selling etc. Once you become an active member all you have to do to earn money is view 10 adverts per day. This will qualify you for the revenue share for that day.
5. However,You will also receive 10% of every purchase your referrals make, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, if you chose to refer others.
In other words, as a free member, you can earn via 3 ways as long as you view 10 ads daily:
a) by clicking the cashlinks as available every day.
b) by referring others and earning 100% from their cashlink clicks.
c) by earning 10% referral bonuses from your referrals that purchase packs.

Who can benefit from that business?

This business is built in a way to satisfy every online worker. Both advertisers and free members can find satisfaction with TrafficMonsoon. 

You can use TrafficMonsoon as an:
- Advertising platform to get new customers and signups to your business.

- Income source by participating to the revenue sharing system.
- Income source as being an affiliate marketer and bring referrals.

What services do TrafficMonsoon offer?

TrafficMonsoon is an hybrid advertising website. The four main features on this website are the Traffic Exchange, the Revenue Sharing, the Cash Links and the Affiliate Program.

Traffic Exchange

You can visit websites to earn advertising credits and show your website to other members.

Revenue Sharing
TrafficMonsoon offers up to 110% cashback on your advertising package purchases.

Cash Links

Earn $0.001 to $0.02 for every cash link you visit.

Affiliate Program
Earn 10% commissions on every referral purchase.
Earn 100% commissions per referral cash link click.
Getting Started

To Make It Easier For You, Here's a Short Getting Started Guide.
Each Link Will Open In A New Tab (or Window), So When You're Finished With Each Item You Can Close The Tab (or Window) To Return To This Page 

 Have you setup your account profile? Make sure to upload a photo if you have one. It helps increase results in your campaigns.
 Have you created a secondary password and transaction pin? You set one up during sign-up. If you ever need to make a change to it, this is where you go.
 Have you purchased advertising service with a sharing position?

Not Sure What To Promote? Your own business, affiliate offer, your website, blog.. 

 If You Have Nothing Else, Watch This Video About Click Bank Affiliate Marketing
 Have you viewed a minimum of 10 ads to qualify for sharing today? Remember, Unlimited Clicking Earns You Unlimited Free Advertising Credits.

 Have you tried a traffic monsoon package? Get Massive Traffic At Low Prices

 Have you referred anyone to use the services to receive 10% of their purchases?


TO REGISTER, PLEASE CLICK THE BANNER BELOW! Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

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