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Friday, December 4, 2015


RR Strategy 
Rented Referral Strategy 

- The key success factor of earning money from PTC sites is Direct Referral(DR). 
If you can get lots of DRs, those DRs will make pure profit for you. 
But, getting DR is not easy. 
Most effective way of getting DR is to advertise your referral links on other PTC sites. 
So, you may have to pay for advertising your referral links to get a number of DRs. 
Of course, there are many ways of getting DRs for free. However, it is really difficult. 

- I prefer to use Rented Referral(RR) to earn money from PTC sites. 
RR is more easier than DR. 
You can rent RRs periodically, when the rent time frame is allowed. 
You can handle the number of RR, recycle them and extend them by yourself. 
However, managing RR is also not easy. You need knowledge and experience to manage them well. 
Also, on most PTC sites, RR is not profitable for the Standard Member. 
But if you upgrade accordingly, you can make a sound profit from RR. 

– What should we consider to rent RR? 

RR price 
RR click BEP and RR Click Average 
RR recycling and extension strategy 

RR price 
: Mostly it is $0.20 per 30 days. Other sites are $0.25 or $0.15. It varies. 

RR click BEP (Break Even Point) and RR Click Average 
: It is very important. You should know RR BEP to make profit from RR. 
: Before you rent, you have to calculate RR BEP first. 
: The common formula is RR BEP per day = Rent Price / 30 days / RR click commission 
: To earn money from RR, your RRs should click more than the BEP 

Easy way to check your RR click average is daily RR ads click count divide by the number of RRs 

For the upgrade member, the BEP calculation is more difficult. 
Upgrade fee should be calculated to get exact RR BEP. 
For example, Golden Membership price is $90 per 365 days. If you have 200 RRs 
( ($90 / 365 days / 200 ) + ($0.2 / 30)) / $0.01 = 0.79 

RR recycling and extension strategy 
: Based on the RR BEP, you should recycle RRs or extend RRs. 
: If a RR’s click average is lower than BEP, you should recycle them when they turn to inactive. 
: Extend RRs, if their click average is higher than BEP. 
: Another way is to check each RRs’ earning. If they earn more than daily RR price, extend them. 
: If it is not, recycle them when they turn to inactive 
: Check the following sample recycle rule 

– Recycle 1-2% of your referrals daily. 
- Never over-recycle (recycle too much). 
- Read and understand your BEP(Break Even Point). 
- Choose the referrals to recycle based on the criteria below: 
- Referrals need to be at least 10 days old.

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