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Monday, December 21, 2015


A site registered in UK and approved by Paypal. There are 3 payment processor accepted by the site: Paypal, Payza and SolidTrusPay.

The site was launched on third quarter of 2014. Since then, until now, no bad reputation at all with regards to payments.

It is not mainly an investment site because you can still earn even without any dimes you've give to the site. You need to keep checking the cash links that are given in a timely manner. In fact, I received 3 payments before I started to invest.

I share cost $50 and you will get $55 when it will matures.

You can earn up to 110% of your investment. Traffic Monsoon is mainly a revenue sharing program. Your share will earn up to 10% or 110% ROI. It has a good reputation in PTC and revenue sharing industry. Thousands of online marketer loves the site because you can earn even you are sleeping. Yes, I highly agree.

Being a free member, don't forget to click all the cash links given by the site. For those who bought an adpacks, just only surf 10 ads a day you will get your revenue shares.

Another thing why I love Traffic Monsoon, it's because all payments are INSTANT.

What are you waiting for? Join by registering under this link:
Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

MPA as commonly known to most of the members is a revenue sharing scheme it is far from Traffic Monsoon. Your earnings will be credited every hour, 70% of it will go directly to your re-purchase balance to buy new shares and the remaining 30% will go to your main balance which you can request payout everytime you reach the minimum payout of $5. You request will be paid within 48 hours.

You can buy $1, $3, $5 share depending on your budget. The site now paid to members for a total of 5 million plus. Trusted Admin and since the beginning they earn a good reputation from all of their members.

If you want to earn a favorable income like me, you can join under me through this link:

It is my top 1 and best ptc because of several features you can find to their website. The best thing that I appreciate about them it's because of their RR, they have the highest AVG compared to other top ptc.

Moreover, they have a promotion that will surely help to all upgraded members. If you want to earn up to 1000% ROI, join Grandbux, you won't regret about your investment.

Superior+ member like me will get the ROI up to 900%. As I observe to my RR, I notice that only few are inactive and I can easily recycle them to change the more active refs that are truely human not a boots.

The site paid almost 2 million since 2014 and still counting. They observe a payment system that no other ptc did it to ensure the continue cash flow of the site. They also paid instant and exclusive only to PAYPAL. A US registered company.

If you want to join and wants a higher percentage of ROI, join under me through this link:

4. EDENTRAFFIC was founded with a clear mission in mind: To provide high quality ad services for affordable prices, and share revenues for a perfect win win combination that will lead to the ultimate success of our customers. If you are looking for more leads and more conversions then EdenTraffic is the solution. 

EdenTraffic is a world-wide open, high quality, advertising and revenue sharing company.
Our advertising & revenue sharing plans were carefully thought through to provide a mutually beneficial experience over a long term. With plans like these you can't go wrong.

Everything you need
in one place to advertise your latest Business Opportunity, Blog, PTC, Matrix, Cycler or Affiliate Program links - reach people around the world and share your business opportunities.
We strive to deliver member's advertising purchases as fast as possible and process withdrawals daily within 24 hours.

10% Direct first level Commissions
on purchases made by your direct (1 Level only) referrals and 100% direct referrals click commission from Cash Links.
By clicking a minimum of 10 ads a day, you qualify to receive commissions from your direct referrals and share in the revenues generated from sales of services. Time now, to make some money.

It's quite similar to Traffic Monsoon. The cost per share started with a small amount. 
AdPack Typesmax. Returnmax. AdPacksBonus Return, Advertisement Credits and Conditions
$2 AdPack115%10040 Visitor Credits, 2.000 Ad Credits, 1 Sharing Pos. No Requirements.
$5 AdPack115%200100 Visitor Credits, 5.000 Ad Credits, 1 Sharing Pos. No Requirements
$10 AdPack120%500200 Visitor Credits, 10.000 Ad Credits, 1 Sharing Pos. $5 AdPacks required: 100
$15 AdPack120%500300 Visitor Credits, 15.000 Ad Credits, 1 Sharing Pos. $10 AdPacks required: 100
$20 AdPack125%500400 Visitor Credits, 20.000 Ad Credits, 1 Sharing Pos. $15 AdPacks required: 100
$30 AdPack125%500600 Visitor Credits, 30.000 Ad Credits, 1 Sharing Pos. $20 AdPacks required: 100
$40 AdPack130%500800 Visitor Credits, 40.000 Ad Credits, 1 Sharing Pos. $30 AdPacks required: 100
$50 AdPack130%1.0001.000 Visitor Credits, 50.000 Ad Credits, 1 Sharing Pos. $40 AdPacks required: 100

If you are interested to join this promising site, please click this link and register:

Another US registered company. A promising PTC despite of different scam issue of more than 90% sites in the PTC industry. With regards to RR movements, I noticed that it's more active compared to other ptc site. The AVG is not so high compared to Grandbux but for me it is acceptable. You can still earn but the ROI takes several months.

There are 3 types of membership: Standard, Premium and Ultimate. I cashout twice while I was standard, recently based on my study -it's better to upgrade my account if I want to earn more in any ptc. But I am more cautious in investing any amount of money. I need to be vigilant in terms of site reputation and of course the total months of their operations. Useclix passed on my criteria to choose a liget site that I will play a chance to earn.

To know more about the site, much better to register under me and start earning. Please visit this link:






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